Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Paper Mache



-lots of news paper
-liquid white glue
-a bowl
-scissors (optional)

You can paper mache' over different surfaces. If you want a round or oval shape, you can paper mache' over a balloon or cheap grocery store ball toy. Or, if you want a specific shape, what I do is crumble news paper into the shape i want, or stuff a paper bag with news paper and use masking tape to help form the shape. Then paper mache' over all of it to get a smooth, hardened outer layer.

To paper mache', take your news paper and tear it into 1" strips ( can be bigger/smaller depending on what your making). You can cut the strips with scissors, but if you tear it, the edges will be feathered and blend together more smoothly. you wont end up with harsh paper edge lines... Then take a old bowl and fill it up half with white glue and half with warm water. Mix the two together thoroughly. Now dip each strip of news paper into your glue solution. (This could get messy! ) Then pull the strip out of the glue solution wiping all the excess dripping with your fingers. Now place the gluey strip on whatever you are paper mache'ing. Repeat this process over and over again, layering the strips all the way until you covered the surface. You can also start to build up certain areas by layering more strips or masking tape. Once the glue has dried, the news paper should be hard and solid. Pop the balloon or ball inside. It can now be painted, and decorated.

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