Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life-Size DIY Zero Dog Prop


This is how I made Zero, Jack Skellington's ghost dog

Cost: Aprox. $5 or less

 I paper mache'd the entire head: Using a ball of newspaper for the round head, and rolls of news paper for the "snout", i taped and shaped the entire thing with masking tape. I then paper mache'd over the whole thing.

For the ears, I bent a long piece of wire into the shape of his squiggly ear, then wrapped it in masking tape, then paper mache'd over the entire ear, and inserted the wires into the paper mache' head. (Repeat for second ear).

 Use black and white acrylic paint to paint Zero's head.

To make the collar, I just painted an old masking tape spool (the cardboard inside after all the tape is gone). The name tag is made from a circle cut from card stock, painted gold with acrylic paint.

 For the "body" of the ghost dog, cut a diamond shape out of white material or an old sheet. I hot glued some wire down the "spine" of the sheet body so it would be pose able and remain stiff (not just hang straight down under Zero's head). 

Hot Glue the head to the collar, and the collar to the sheet body. Bend the wire as needed to make it look like Zero is flying through the air! I found a tiny pumpkin at Michaels and drew a jack-O-lantern face on it, and hot glued it to Zero's snout to make his pumpkin nose. I finished it off by wrapping some clear string/fishing wire around his neck and suspending him from a hook in the ceiling.


  1. ever going to do any frankenweenie projects?

  2. As for now, no but maybe in the future. what kind of things would you like to see made?

  3. Are you planning to make Oggie Boogie anytime soon? My fiance and I are planning on making him this year if you want I can send pictures.

    1. Hi Cherie, Oogie has been on my list for a while...with tons of other props. I have plans and ideas drawn up for him. Yes, feel free to send pics of your process. Thanks


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