Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making props to Scale

This will be the first step for all of the life size props I will be posting on this blog:

First off, I start all my life-sized figure projects by printing out an accurate photograph of the character. I measure it all out with a ruler

(example: head - 1", neck- .5 ", arm- 2", etc...)

Then multiply those measurements by how much larger I want the life-size figure to be. That way all their measurements stay to scale....

I did 1"=8" Scale. Just multiply your paper measurements by 8, so if the head was 1" on your paper, it will be 8" in the life size model, and so on...

Once you find all your measurements you can add up the total inches or feet to find out how many supplies you will need. Remember if your using PVC, the connectors can add up to a half inch or so in length per connector. Consider this while building your life size prop.

 Good Luck :)

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