Hi. I'm Hugh. Hugh F. Janus. I am a Nightmare Before Christmas addict. I inject it into my bloodstream every day, if you catch my drift. Currently, I am 43 years old. My wives name is Cecilia. She is around eighteen or so. Hasn't really told me. Anyways, I'm here to tell you about something that happened a few months ago, something that has made me paranoid ever since. It happened one day in October. I was exploring my neighborhood, playing the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. The nice British Lady nearby said hi, and some old guy gave me a candy bar. It was fun. But then it happened. I found an abandoned house! The British Lady and old guy named George told me not to go in there, but my curiosity got the better of me. Once the people left, I slowly walked onto the porch. It was cold and withered. Wooden, and rotting. I nearly fell through but managed to get in. The door screeched as I walked in slowly. It was nasty in there. Wallpaper was peeling, and some floorboards were broken. Inside was an ugly chair and a computer. There were no signs of any sort of other rooms, kitchen, cable ect. " Who could have lived in a place like this? " I asked myself. It got really scary as I went in more and more. When I closed the door, it was pitch black. I screamed. The door locked on its own and I couldn't get out, no matter how hard I tried to turn the doorknob. As I continued to kick the door, I heard something. It sounded like a broken scream of a child ( a little girl to be specific ) mixed with a windows XP opening noise. I gasped, and turned around. " What was that!??!?!?!!? " I screamed. In front of me, was the computer. It got closer somehow on the desk. " What the hecking?!?! " I yelled, falling back. The computer screen flashed on. On it was a picture of a mutilated little girl that looked around the age of four to six or so Idk. Puke flew out of my mouth onto the floor. It was the nastiest thing I had ever seen. I tried to close out of it whilst crying. Whenever I clicked though ( note I couldn't see a mouse-pointer anywhere ), screaming and insane laughing noises got louder. I puked again on the keyboard, and the computer shut off. I thought I broke it, but then it flashed back onto another screen. A spooky looking desktop with Lock from The Nightmare Before Christmas in the french post as the background image. There was only two things I could click on. Well I mean, there was stuff on the bottom I tried clicking but it wouldn't load. Anyways, it only displayed the recycle bin...and a strange image called... ' Sally.Exe '... Being the TNBC fanatic I was, I was tempted to click on it. Thoughts raced through my mind. " What could it be? What will happen if I open it? " Then, to my surprise, the mouse pointer started moving on its own! I couldn't stop it! My hand shook the mouse, and even slammed it against the desk. It. Wouldnt. Budge. I seen it move over to the image. My heart raced. I didn't know what to do!!!! The only thing I could think of doing was closing my eyes. But it wouldn't... Or, ' THEY ' couldn't. My eyelids wouldn't shut. I felt my tearducts water. I was crying. I felt my finger click on the left side of the mouse twice over the picture. Nothing happened to my surprise. Though I still couldn't close my eyes, or even move my body at all, I felt relieved. But I was very wrong. The computer began to make a buzzing noise, giving a hidious soung. Pictures of the mutilated girl flashed again, along with the screams. The sound surrounded me. It filled the room. I felt liquid fill my pants and run down my legs, to my knees which were on the floor. I peed myself. It was nasty. But anyways, after the girl pictures stopped displaying and flashing, the screen went to black. Pitch black, just like the room I was in. Then, it displayed a picture of... Sally. Sally the ragdoll. Screams began to fade in again, along with the screeching of the computer gears. Sally has hyper-realistic eyes and bloode pouring from them. Her smile was something that only an insane mans nightmare could make up. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. The hyper-realistic bloode on her hyper-realistic face. I couldn't take it. The hyper-realistic blood looked... Just like the little girls! I came to a realization, that Sally must have murdered this child! The next thing I knew, I was on the floor knocked out. I awoke in a bathtub full of ice. My kidneys were gone. I looked around to see a bloody room. I screamed when I heard the hyper-realistic bloody door slowly creak open. It was Sally. Sally held a surgeon needle in one hand, and a surgeon knife in the other. She walked towards me with the hyper-realistic blood still pouring from her eyes. She told me she ate my kidneys. I cried, and awoke back in my own house. I was lying in my bed, with hyper-realistic blood surrounding me. My kidney's were still gone, and I have been feeling weaker. I am dying, slowly. Please save me. I see Sally and her hyper-realistic blood pouring eyes stare at me. I can't walk around one corner without seeing her.... My wife wont belive me. I just wanted to get this out of here to warn everyone to NEVER click on a file called " Sally.EXE " If you ever come across it. Please....Don't....Make... The same mistake... I did.... I... I-I... I feel myself getting weaker.. I just may...........May....Maudsudsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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