Antique Faux Leather Book Cover Tutorial

1. Find old out dated book at thrift shop or garage sale.

2. Cut out desire shaped our of card board and hot glue into place.

3. Use hot glue for more desired embellishments.

4. Lay a textured paper towl over the book cover. Starting from the middle, and outward, use a 50/50 water and white glue solution and an artist brush to wet the paper towel and flatten it onto the book. Use your brush and push the paper towel into every nook and fold. Wrap the free edges over if there is any excess hanging over.  Let dry/ blow dry.

5. Paint with a solid base coat of acrylic paint. Let dry / blow dry.

6. Paint your details with acrylic paint. Let dry / blow dry . Repeat on back and Binding. Finished.

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