Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disneyland Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Static Prop Tutorial

...Another non-Nightmare Before Christmas Tutorial, but its somewhat related...

       This tutorial is how to make a Disneyland Haunted Mansion Madame Leota prop. Those of you familiar with the Haunted Mansion, know that Madame Leota is a ghostly head floating inside a crystal ball. The real Madame Leota is a projection that appears to be able to move around and speak. There are some skilled people who have been able to make an exact replica prop with projectors, and electronics. However my tutorial is much simpler. I will be showing you how to make a stationary "static" Madam Leota prop. She still looks awesome sitting out on the table at the Halloween party!

Supplies Needed:

I was able to find a 8" frosted glass lighting fixture globe at the local thrift shop.

2. Blonde Porcelain Doll : thrift shop
*Make sure dolls head fits through opening in glass globe!*

3. Pedestal : thrift shop
The one I used was an ash tray, search for something that will work for you.

4. PVC pipe segment: 6"

5. Acrylic Paints/ White Spray Paint /Glue /Scissors 

6. False Eyelashes (optional)

Approx Cost: $15 or less

Time invested: 2 Hours

How to:

First, start by finding a glass globe, then find a doll, and then the base piece. Make sure her head fits inside the globe's opening. Make sure it's not too small either, or it won't look right. Use scissors to cut and remove the doll head from the body. Do some testing and dry fitting and find out how long your PVC pipe needs to be. It will be supporting the head, and resting on the base. Once you have your measurements and the head is sitting centered in the globe, cut & glue the PVC pipe segment up into her head through the neck. You now have a creepy head on a stick, essentially...Use a comb and brush out all the dolls cute curls, frizz it out, back comb and tease it . You need the hair big enough to fill the interior of your glass globe. Spray the hair with white spray paint. After you get the hair painted white, lightly mist the hair with a squirt bottle of watered down baby blue and lime green paint (separately), and let dry. The goal here is to give her grey hair, but add that eerie blue/green ghostly glow. Next paint the dolls face & neck like Madame Leota (use a picture for reference). Apply the false lashes. Paint the PVC pipe and neck black to camouflage it ( you want all the focus on the "floating" head). Once Leota is painted, carefully wiggle and squeeze her big hair and head through the globe opening. You can use a pencil or something thin to poke into the globe and fix the placement of her hair. Now rest the globe and PVC support piece on the base. Done. If the base looks too new, antique it with paints for a more authentic look


  1. hey there
    i was wondering, what did you use as hair?

    1. It's the porcelain dolls hair. I just teased and back combed it. Then spray painted it

  2. UPDATE: my husband was organizing the garage and totally dropped and shattered the crystal ball.....RIP Leota prop.


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