Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming Soon... Scary Teddy Vampire Toy Tutorial ...And More

This is one of the props I'm working on now, check back for more !

Scary Teddy

Other NBC Props in progress or slated to start 2013/2014:
-Skeleton Gingerbread Men
-Christmas Tree-Eating Snake (orange and black)
-Man-eating Poinsettia plants
-Jack's Sandy Claws Naughty & Nice List
-"Seasons Screaming" gift tag (as seen on Haunted Mansion)
-Sally's Pick-nick Basket
-Scary Toy: Russian Nesting Doll
-Cat and Fish bone Gift Box (as seen on Haunted Mansion)
-NBC Fence and Finials with Pumpkins
-Bone Garland
-Oogie Boogie
-Jacks' Laboratory Specimen Jars
-Skeleton Reign Deer?

Please leave a comment if there is a specific prop you would like to see made


  1. Looks wonderful so far! I can't wait to see the "Nightmare-ish" results!!! :)

  2. Awesome as always!!! Cant wait to see it finished!!

  3. That looks Awesome!

    Oh yeah did you get to finish your shock and lock characters?

    1. Hey Claudia, no i didnt finish Lock and Shock yet. I was working on them and ran into a few problems. Ususally when that happensI get discouraged and take a break and start working on a new prop. Ill come back to them in a little bit with a clean slate to work with and finish them up!

  4. How about making Zero?! Would love to see him made!

  5. Hey Hector, Zero has been made. Please scroll back to see older posts. He was one of the first props I made. He is in need of an update. Im not happy with the shape of his snout.

  6. I would love to see all of those items made, especially the skeleton reindeer to go along with Sandy Claws Jack for Christmas decorations. Any and all Christmas themed Nightmare Before Christmas decorations are great!!! Thanks!

  7. Hi...Just wondering if you where able to finish the Scary Teddy Vampire Toy??? ...I would love to see what you did.
    Jessica :)

    1. He is finished and has his own post. Please check my other posts to see the finished teddy

  8. Lol :D
    I just scrolled down and found out you finished..."You're Very Talented Lady"
    You have inspired me to start making a few props too.
    Thanks Jessica

  9. How to create a gloss finish on foamular?

    1. I just use liquitex gloss medium as a top coat

  10. How do I create a gloss finish on foamular?

  11. Please make the reindeer I need it for my Christmas display


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