Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jack Skellington's Spider Snowflake Tutotial

Just in time for Christmas! 
Here is a tutorial on how to make the spiderweb snowflake that Jack makes in the movie
 Nightmare Before Christmas.

Here is the actual screen used snowflake cut by Jack in the filming of Nightmare Before Christmas.
It sold at auction for $700+ back in 2009

As you can see, this snowflake is not symmetrical on both sides and therefore, if you want it to be exactly, completely accurate, you will have to use the above picture as a template and cut it out with an xacto blade.

However, If you do not have the time to precisely notch each detail out with a blade, there is hope.
Penolopy Bulnick has made a symmetrical version of the spiderweb snowflake that can easily be cut out with scissors. She was even nice enough to create a free PDF printable:

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